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Family matters are typically personal. The dedicated lawyers at Kemet Hunt Law work
hard to resolve family law issues quickly, compassionately, and successfully.

We take a personal approach to ensure that all clients receive unparalleled representation. In family law and domestic relations law, the key to effective client service is not only precise legal skills but also compassion and sensitivity.

The family lawyers at Kemet Hunt Law Group toward positive resolutions to difficult cases such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Adoption Guardianships

Our Maryland family law attorneys work hard to ensure that you understand the legal process, your rights, and the effect these proceedings will have on minor children. Family law matters are complex and difficult, but at Kemet Hunt, we help our clients find a solution that is suitable for their families. In short, we make a difficult process easier.

With expertise in all areas of family law, Kemet Hunt’s attorneys are familiar with the applicable laws and the options they allow. We take your family matters to heart – our attorneys will provide you with the dedicated and loyal representation you need for your family law matter.


No one goes into a marriage with the intention of getting divorced. Our family lawyers help mitigate the risks before you become a newly married couple. Drafting a prenuptial agreement could benefit a new couple, in the long run, to help ensure that your assets will be divided fairly in the way you want.

The prenuptial agreement attorneys at Kemet Hunt Law Group are devoted to helping clients work through all their prenuptial agreement matters as efficiently and pain-free as possible. We assist with outlining your future family plans for:

  • Handling finances
  • Debt and property review

Let the legal team at Kemet Hunt Law Group negotiate and draft your prenuptial agreement as well as handle any possible legal issues and technicalities prior to your marriage.

We Never Leave the Legal

Details Up In Air


Life sometimes gives us unexpected “goodbyes”. Probate is the process of settling a deceased person’s estate. During the probate process, a personal representative of the estate is named who is empowered to act on behalf of the estate. The personal representative has the right to control the estate and make all of the decisions pertaining to it. The duties of a personal representative are many and could include:

  • Filing court documents
  • Marshaling the estate assets
  • Notifying creditors and heirs
  • Filing final tax returns and
  • Distribution of assets

The probate lawyers at Kemet Hunt Law Group will assist you in avoiding unnecessary disputes and guide you through the probate process with ease.


A will speaks for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The purpose of a will is to communicate your wishes about what will happen to your personal possessions after you are deceased – it is a written legal document setting out the people you would like to inherit specified parts of your estate.

It is also important to update your will after marriage, divorce or if you are living in a domestic relationship.

If you made a will some time ago it is equally important to ensure that it satisfies your current circumstances and the present taxation laws in order to avoid potential will disputes/will contests.

Will Contests

We are at the forefront of litigation about the validity of wills. There are two main ways of disputing a will or contesting an estate:

  • Saying the will is invalid due to:
    • The person making the will did not have the mental capacity to understand the effect of what he or she was doing.
    • The person making the will did not know the contents of the will, or did not approve of the contents.
    • Undue influence or pressure was exerted upon the will maker so that the will represents someone else’s wishes.
    • The will was procured by fraud or false representations.
    • The signature on the will was forged.

  • Saying you have not received a fair share of the inheritance

Seeking legal advice in relation to your wills and inheritance is imperative and the probate & will processes don’t have to be a nightmare. When dealing with probate, wills, and will contests in Maryland it is essential to retain a probate or estate attorney with good knowledge of inheritance law – Kemet Hunt Law Group has successfully resolved many complicated probate claims and will disputes.

Our estate litigation attorneys can represent you if you wish to challenge or contest a will or if you wish to defend and uphold the validity of a will.

Kemet Hunt Law Group can help you to identify or defend entitlements and answer any questions related to probate, wills & will contests.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves getting clear on your unique needs and the needs of your loved ones and determining how you want your money and assets. Trust and estate attorneys help clients plan for the efficient and effective transfer of assets to spouses, to younger generation family members, to other persons clients wish to benefit, and to charities. This involves the preparation of:

  • Trust Agreements
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Medical directives and
  • Closely held business structures

At Kemet Hunt Law Group Inc, we help you get through the process efficiently and with ease. We aid with all types of estate planning techniques so you can develop a comprehensive plan for your future.

Legal Protection, Preparation, &

Planning for Your Future


During a divorce, we understand you are looking for a strong legal advocate. Our divorce attorneys in Maryland are adamant about providing effective yet sympathetic support when guiding our clients through the legal complexities of divorce. If your relationship is breaking down – our family lawyers can advise you on the most appropriate terms of a domestic contract to best protect your interests.

Kemet Law Group will negotiate the best settlement on your behalf in situations where matrimonial assets need to be divided. When life throws you a curve-ball, we’ll help you straighten things out. Our divorce attorneys will work hard on your behalf to move your life forward.

Please Contact Us to discuss your legal separation or divorce matters.

We serve clients locally in Maryland counties that include Prince George’s,
Montgomery, Howard, and Anne Arundel.

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