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Shared Custody During the Summer Months

School is out and summer is officially here. For those with a shared custody arrangement, that might mean added stress. It’s easy to maintain a steady routine during the nine months the kids are in school, but once summer hits, so do extra activities. So, how do you factor in things such as summer camps, sporting activities, sleep overs/play dates, etc.?

Here are some of our top tips for getting through the summer:

1) Be flexible – The kids will likely want to do certain activities, summer camps or play with certain friends. Those activities or the time they spend with friends may mean a shift in a normal routine. It’s important to work with each other to accommodate those days. Perhaps implement a trade day where one parents keeps the kids for an extra day, but the other parent gets a makeup day later down the line.

The caveat to this is that while it’s important to remain flexible, you must stick to the court order regarding custody.

2) Communicate with each other – You and your child’s other parent need to be able to clearly communicate with each other in regard to your child’s needs and the summer custody schedule. If the court directs you to communicate in a certain manner, ensure that all communications are conducted in that way.

3) Talk to your kids – Summer schedules can be a big change. The schedule may cause your child anxiety and stress by not knowing what to expect from each parent. Talk to them about what’s going to happen. Being open with them as much as possible can help alleviate the worry they may have.

4) Mediation – There will not always be an easy, seamless transition to a summer schedule. Mediation may be necessary. Court orders may need to be amended. Should either of those situations come up, contact your child custody attorney for assistance.

Child Custody Lawyer in Prince George’s County, Maryland

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Shared Custody During the Summer Months
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